Catering in the workplace:
Benefits for the Employees and the Employer

Benefits of Catering for Employees – Profit for any company relies on a happy and healthy work environment. Providing a meal be it breakfast, lunch or dinner has a proven positive effect on all staff, including management.

As people gather around company dining area, they tend to continue working as the enjoy a hearty and wholesome meal.

Work related issues are discussed as well as other beneficial topics as they eat delicious food from Brulee. We call it Employee Food Appreciation, and the benefits can be beyond measure.

Providing delicious food keeps the workers in the office and saves time which reflects on productivity for your company in a positive way. The hour that they spend leaving the office for their lunch break will be spent around the work-space dining table.


We are much more than salads, soups and cold sandwiches.

Brulee offers the most flexible, affordable options, and we provide variable menus that all of your employees will enjoy. Flexibility is our number one promise to our clients at a price that is as enticing as our food.

Healthy food promotes a healthy work environment for all.

Eating a fast food greasy double cheeseburger with processed cheese will give an employee the 2 o’clock ‘I need a nap’ syndrome that many companies workers suffer from. Studies show that afternoon production falls drastically depending on what workers are eating for lunch. At Brulee, we create menu’s that are delicious, filling, nutritious and will help your employees avoid that dreaded 2 PM hour.

The benefits that Brulee offers far exceeds the costs.

Having a happy and invigorated work force creates a positive atmosphere that promotes success for all.

Food for financial success.

A well-fed mind works better than one that is starved for energy. Brulee creates dishes that are packed with nutrients and vitamins that are essential for a productive team member. We use only the finest ingredients when crafting our gourmet dishes. From our Spring Chicken (Chicken breast with sautéed mix vegetables) to Sea Bass Filet with lemon and herbs to a Butternut squash herbs pasta, Brulee has all of your tastes and needs covered.

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